World Archery: Online Safeguarding Report Form

Please complete this form if you have a concern about your own or someone else’s well-being and include your name and phone number or email address so we can contact you to follow up this concern. The World Archery Safeguarding Officer will contact you following receipt of the report. To keep children and adults safe, information may need to be shared appropriately with other entities.* However, confidentiality will be maintained where appropriate and to ensure that only those who need the information are made aware of it.
If you have any queries or concerns about the information you are providing, you can contact the World Archery Safeguarding Officer at

If a child or vulnerable adult is in immediate danger or there is concern that a crime has been committed, please contact the police immediately.

Person reporting the safeguarding concern.
Person reporting the safeguarding concern.
Person reporting the safeguarding concern.
Person reporting the safeguarding concern.
Persons Involved
Person who concerns are for
Subject of Concern
Person who is accused of alleged wrongdoing
Are you aware of any local authority /police involvement in this case? If yes, please provide details
Details of Concern
Include all the relevant information, such as detailed description of your concerns and reasons for these. Please describe any injuries or actions causing concern and whether you are recording these as fact, opinion or hearsay.
Please provide details of any one who has shared your concerns or witnessed any incident: Name, Position within the sport or relationship to the individual concerned, DOB, Address, Postcode, Telephone Number, Email Address
Do you have any relationship with anyone involved in this case which could cause a conflict of interest in any investigations? If yes, please describe your relationship

*Information about who World Archery shares safeguarding information with can be found in our Safeguarding Policy and Procedures which is available to view on our website: